Dear Husband,

I know it’s been a whirlwind lately. I’m exhausted just reflecting on it all—juggling work, family, back-to-school logistics (So. Many. Activities!), taking care of sick kids and everything in-between. Life is full—and amazing.

We have grown a lot over the years, and our bond is so strong. And like a fine wine, our relationship will only get better with time.

You’re a wonderful, thoughtful and loving husband (never mind daddy extraordinaire!). I am grateful to have you as my partner in life. We really do make an awesome team.

There are definitely days, though, when I wish you knew *exactly* what I needed. Like when I’m in a bad mood, I wish you always knew exactly what I needed you to say or do (but let’s be honest—when I’m in a bad mood, sometimes I don’t even know what I need you to say or do.)

Or when I’m feeling overwhelmed, it would be pretty cool if you just knew what I needed you to take off my plate to help me feel more calm.

But, just as I can’t read your mind—I know you can’t read mine.

So, it may be easier to tell you what I wish you knew (unless you develop magical super powers...)

I need time to myself—regularly.

Not just once in a blue moon. As much as I adore being your wife and mama to our children, sometimes I wish you could walk in the door and say, “Babe, take a load off. I got the kids tonight.” I will gladly pretend to be carefree and do something (gasp!) spontaneous. We both know that taking care of myself will only make me a better wife and mother.

I need a daily heartfelt hug.

This sentiment is all I need to feel like I’m still your #1 girl. (Disclaimer: particularly tough days call for more reinforcement, such as flowers, wine or some serious chocolate action.)

I need you to let me be the good cop sometimes.

Please let me swoop in and be the hero who saves the day once in awhile. Yes, I perfected Jedi Mama moves to get our kids to pick up after themselves over the years and stuff like that, but I don't want to be the full-time bad cop. Can we share that role?

And honestly, sometimes it's not what I need, but rather what I DON’T need from you.

I don’t need you to always try to solve the problems.

Sometimes I just need your sympathetic ear. Let me vent without receiving ‘helpful’ suggestions.

I don’t need you to meddle when I am in the kitchen. Sorry to break it to you, but your grandmother’s ‘Hungarian Goulash’ recipe is just wrong. Seriously. I got this.

Thank you for lending me those sympathetic ears of yours. And while you’re listening, I want you to know how deeply I appreciate you and the beautiful life we have built together.

I know you’re not a magician and you simply can’t always know what I need, so I promise to voice my feelings and let you know what’s going on inside my head. (Unless you develop those mind reading super powers…?)

I value all that you do for us more than you know. Thank you for always going above and beyond.

Love you to the moon and back,

Your wife