This viral story isn't new , but its message is timeless and something so many twin parents can relate to. In it, a twin mom reminds parents blessed with twins that everything will be okay, despite a lot of people telling them otherwise with their negative comments and questions.

The post, which has been shared over 6,000 times, is filled with comments featuring adorable twins of all ages but also a lot of praise for Heidi Hamm—the author—for speaking the truth about what it's really like.

The viral post reads:

"You're going to have to hire a full-time nanny."

"Having two feels like four."

"I'm glad it's you and not me!"

"They'll most likely end up in the NICU."

"Sleep as much as you can now. You won't be sleeping after they're born."

"That'll be a HUGE adjustment for your daughter."

People had a lot of opinions when they found out I was pregnant with twins. While I'm all for keeping it real, what I wanted most when I was pregnant? Wasn't reality, or someone else's version of it. All the nopes.

I wanted the fantasy. I didn't want to know every gory detail. I wanted to be blissfully unaware of what may be in store.

Because sometimes?

You just need that one person who says everything is going to be okay.

I wish I could go back in time and tell that woman who was so worried and scared, "Mama, it's going to be okay."

"More than okay."

Because it was. And it is. It is so much better than I ever dreamt it could be.

All that time I spent worrying and feeling anxious? It was so wasted. Because the day my boys were born was the day my heart grew two sizes.

Sure, it's hard. There are days when I feel overwhelmed and outnumbered. Days when my eye is twitching, my temper is flaring, my hidden stash of chocolate is decimated, my sanity is one thread away from breaking, the tears being shed are mine.

But I was meant to have two.

When I was pregnant I met a man in the hospital waiting room. His daughter was having a baby. He pointed to my swollen belly, my twins inside.

"They choose you, you know. In Heaven. They choose who their parents will be. Your child's soul chose you."

I was chosen. My husband was chosen. My daughter was chosen.

And so were you.

Life with twins is so much more. More cuddles, more hugs, more laughter, more love. It is more of all that is good.

So mamas if you're expecting twins or have twins, know this: YOU were meant to have two and THEY were meant for you."

Thank you for sharing this with all of us, mama.

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