We're in awe at the strength and power it takes for women to birth children every day. The entire process is incredible and, to be frank, rather mind-blowing.

It's also difficult—and sometimes the best way to draw attention to how hard something is is to make it look easy. The artist only known as Chris (Simpsons artist) had an idea to humorize the birthing process with his hilarious book, The Story of Life.

In it, he draws images of how babies are made, born and develop, and all his depictions are hilariously wrong. One image, in particular, went viral. It depicts a woman crouched down as the baby seemingly just pops out of her.

"When the baby is ready to be born the woman will crouch down and let the newborn crawl out of her so it can finally be released into the wild," says the caption. The newborn, already on all fours, replies with, "Thank you."

If only that picture were accurate.

That page isn't the only bit of Chris' work that is capturing the internet's attention. Another page recently ignited a hilarious thread on Twitter when a man posted one of Chris' drawings which is anatomically impossible, to say the least.

One thing is for sure: The images are absurd, but the drawings seem to really strike a chord with moms. Mothers everywhere are finding the humor in something so serious and life-changing. (We're pretty sure the below illustration perfectly captures how soon-to-be boy mom Amy Schumer feels right now.)

We totally understand that childbirth is a serious matter, but we're thrilled to find that moms are enjoying the humor, even if the images are WAY off and slightly foolish.

What a beautiful world indeed, Chris. Thanks for the laughs.

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