Jordan Page, mama of six adorable kids, posted on Instagram the harrowing story of her son almost drowning seven years ago. Since she posted it, the photo has gotten over 25,000 likes and thousands of comments from other parents thanking her for her honesty and for reminding others the importance of paying attention to children when at the pool.

Her Instagram post reads:

"I have been emotionally bracing myself for weeks to publish this post. I know I need to push past my fears and do it, not for me, but for him.

For my son.

For my little boy.

Who almost drown[ed] because of me.

Because I was distracted on my phone.

He was feet away from me, and yet, I almost lost him.

It has been 7 years.


And yet...

I can still see, with absolute clarity, his blue face under water.

I can still hear the sound of his teeth grinding as I pulled him out.

I can feel his limp, dead weight.

I still remember every word he said as he screamed and cried for me, as he was put in a horrible machine in the hospital.

I still remember every detail of that phone call... The one where I had to tell my husband that our son almost died because I was distracted on Instagram.

My heart is pounding OUT OF MY CHEST and I can hardly see my screen through the tears as I type this.

Even now.

S E V E N years later.


Please. I'm BEGGING you.

Please go to and read my story.

Please read every excruciating detail.

Please hit that little button and share it with everyone in your network. It takes less than 3 seconds, and it's SO important.

Not because of the views, I couldn't give a flying rip about those.

But because last summer Bubba saved a 3-year-old from drowning, 18 inches away from him in a pool...and his mom still doesn't even know.

Because last summer our dear friends lost their precious baby, after being on life support for 5 months, because they turned their backs for a split second.




Be present.

Especially this week. With the pool parties, and the boating days, and the celebrations.

NOTHING is worth it.

No post, no comment, no text, not even a photo is worth the risk.

Please put down your phones, and be PRESENT.

I wasn't present for my son 7 years ago, but you dang well better believe I'm going to share this story I until I'm blue in the face to make up for it.

The gift of presence is the greatest gift we can give our kids. So let's give it to them. ❤️

#BePresent #GiftOfPresence (Blog post is linked in my stories and profile for easy reference. Thanks for sharing ❤️.

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Thank you mama for your honesty.

This story was originally published July 02, 2019