We all have days like the one you had today.

Sometimes they're really bad—like trip to the hospital room bad. Sometimes they're just crazy and all over the place bad. And sometimes they're can't-leave-the-house-because-nothing-is-going-right bad.

We all have bad.

But we are all good.

You, fellow mom, are a GREAT person.

You are an amazing mother. You love those kids of yours HARD. You would do anything for them. You give them the world. You have a huge heart that's wide open—and you're giving them all the love they need, day in and day out.

Maybe you may feel low today because it was just one of those off days where you couldn't get it together. Or maybe the parenting decision you made wasn't the right one. Or maybe, just maybe—an accident happened, and now you're beating yourself up over it.

I'm not sure. But I know I've experienced all of those types of days. And they don't feel good.

In fact, they feel so, so, so terribly bad.

But don't feel alone in this dark spot, right now. Please.

We have all been there. We are all with you. And, mama, I am virtually sending you a very large hug.

I just wanted to say—it will be okay. Maybe it doesn't feel okay right now. (And that's also okay.) But it will be better. Tomorrow. The next day. And the day after that.

Because you know what? You will keep loving those kids hard, and you'll continue to give them all the love in the world—day in and day out.

But for right now—if you're reading this and have had one of those days…

Please be easy on yourself.

Please forgive yourself.

Please show yourself some love and grace.

Because you're doing it—every day. You are an incredible mother. Even with the mistakes. Because even superheroes mess up sometimes.

We are human and we're never going to be perfect.

You're not going to have these days often...but they will show up every now and then. It's sort of inevitable and out of our control. The thing about parenting is that there is only so much we control even though we want to control it all.

(Funny that that's how it goes...)

When you doubt yourself...remind yourself that you make GREAT, confident decisions for your children every day.

When you get mad at yourself...take a few deep breaths and repeat to yourself, “I am okay. I can do this. Let's turn this attitude around."

When you have a scary day,...get those little ones to bed, do something that makes you feel better—a face mask, crying in the shower, a glass of wine, a TV show—and get to bed yourself.

When you feel lost...call on a friend. Spend time with other people. And remind yourself that you really are amazing. Like, seriously amazing. What you accomplish every single day is outstanding.

When you don't know if you're doing anything right...look around you. Look into your child's eyes. See how big their heart is? Yeah...you're doing something right, my friend.

When you can't seem to move past a mistake you made...find the beauty in second chances. In a new tomorrow. In forgiving yourself. In trying again.

We're mothers. We don't give up. We keep going.

You're strong—really, really strong—even when you feel broken.

Your light is still shining bright—even on those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days.

You're an inspiration, and a beautiful, beautiful person.

Please don't forget that.

We all have the bad days.

And thankfully, we all have the power to forgive.

So forgive yourself, mama. Because no one is perfect.

Not you. Not me. Not our children. These days are going to happen. But for every one of these days...there will be 500 more GREAT days ahead.

Hang in there.