The COVID-19 quarantine has ruined lots of plans for parents and kiddos across the world, but one little boy still managed to have his dream birthday celebration—thanks to his friendly neighborhood sanitation workers. Toronto mom Julia Reader recently shared the details of her son Wolfgang's third birthday on Facebook, and the feel-good story has gone viral.

She wrote that since they've spent so much time at home over the last few months, seeing the garbage truck roll down the street every Friday morning has become a weekly highlight. "They always take time to chat to him and check out his latest toy garbage truck... have the occasional popsicle and happy dance to follow," she wrote. "They are his Wolfpack."

When it came time to make plans for his birthday, Reader said her son had his wolfpack in mind.

"When we told Wolfy he couldn't have a party for his 3rd but could invite a friend or two for cake, without hesitation, he said 'Drew and DJ'," she explained. "We laughed it off, especially knowing his [birthday] is on a Wednesday." But according to the CBC, the boy's grandmother jumped into action to make it happen, writing a letter to the City of Toronto to explain Wolfgang's request. When the big day arrived, so did a surprise caravan of garbage trucks.

"Unfortunately, DJ is on vacation, but Drew arrived with a crew driving four trucks blaring their horns up our street! Wolfy was speechless," Reader said. And they definitely showed up ready to party. "The boys came bearing gifts, howling out their windows and took time to play with Wolfy. He even got to honk the horn! Does it get any better!?"

Reader wrote that she was so grateful for the impromptu birthday parade. "Mad respect to the solid crew at GFL Environmental, all the essential workers during this difficult time and to the kind souls who took their own personal time to make a little kid smile," she wrote.

Drew told CBC that the feeling is mutual, and knowing he's the little boy's hero means a lot to him. "It's the children, they're the next generation to come. Seeing them enthusiastic about even just something as simple as what we do in our everyday lives brings meaning and shows the importance of what everyone does in society," he said. "It just makes me feel good." And we totally agree.