I was watching Marie Kondo's new Netflix show the other night , and halfway through episode three, I went over to my bedroom closet and dumped all the clothes on the floor to start determining what brought me "joy." It sparked a tidying and organizing frenzy that currently has my house looking like it's been turned upside down, but will hopefully be worth it when I put everything back neat and clutter-free (that's the plan, at least). And apparently, I'm not alone. My Instagram feed has started to fill with pictures of parents Kondoing their homes, too.

While I do love the look of all those neat rows of clothes in the dresser drawers, it takes a lot of time —something that is in short supply between managing work, my almost 3-year-old and all of the other facets of #momlife.

Enter: Pinterest.

I spoke to them about the top 10 organizing hacks that will leave my home looking like I Kondo'd it up and down, but with less time. Here's what they shared:

1. How to organize kids' clothes for the whole week

Create one bin for each day of the week. Love this for cutting down on those hectic mornings!

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