Are you planning on traveling during pregnancy? Unless your doctor advises you otherwise, traveling in early to mid-pregnancy is generally safe to do, but more barriers may be presented as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, so be sure to check in with your doctor about traveling during this time and what methods you should use to stay safe.

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As for staying comfy on a flight, if you can't get comfortable in your own bed, how can you possibly manage countless hours in a car or on a plane? The trick is to try to increase flexibility, boost circulation and incorporate movement as much as possible during your journey.

Whether you're going away for a baby moon or a business trip, here are seven wellness tips for staying comfy while traveling during pregnancy.

1. Pack an empty water bottle in your carry-on

Carrying a water bottle ensures constant hydration which is extremely important during pregnancy. Adequate hydration will also help keep your blood flowing and promote good circulation. Try the Motherly water bottle, as it's super easy to use and clean—a must for on-the-go functionality.

2. Invest in a pair of compression socks

If you're on a flight longer than 3 to 4 hours, it's important to keep your blood flowing. If you're not always up to walking around the plane's aisles during longer flights or can't stop the car to get out for a quick stroll every hour on the hour, it's a good idea to invest in a pair of compression socks. Compression begins at the ankle and increases the circulation throughout the leg, flowing upward. We love the chic styles from Comrad Socks.

3. Practice yoga

On the day of your trip, try to spend 10 to 15 minutes doing yoga stretches before you get to the airport. That will help alleviate tightness or tension throughout the body. If you're carrying a heavier tote bag, open up your chest. If you're taking a long flight, try the pigeon stretch or runner's pose to help loosen up the hip flexor and IT band.

4. Pack your snacks 

During pregnancy, when hunger hits, it REALLY hits. Try not to wait until that breaking point by keeping easy snacks on hand. For example, crackers with nut butter, trail mix, fruit slices, a medium banana, and 6oz. greek yogurt are all good options. Traveling with a lunch bag full of options will help control those hunger pains and help maintain healthy eating patterns.

5. Foam roll

Packing a foam roll seems daunting, especially when you're traveling light, BUT... It's such a handy way to feel better instantly! The GRID foam roller by Trigger Point is an excellent travel addition and if that is too bulky, check out the GRID STK Foam Roller. Take 2 to 3 minutes pre and post-flight and use the roller to unwind tension caused by travel.

6. Nip nausea

Traveling during pregnancy to hotter climates or places with high altitudes can bring on nausea or make morning sickness even worse. So it's important to arm yourself. If you're one of those (like myself!) who feels nauseated or suffers from motion sickness on flights ESPECIALLY when turbulence kicks in, it's important to arm yourself. Products, like anti-nausea bands and peppermint oil, could help you beat motion (and morning) sickness on board and at your destination.

7. Check for travel advisories

Make sure to check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Travel Advisory page before booking your trip, especially if you're traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can find out the most recent information on the CDC's website.

A version of this post originally appeared on May 31, 2016. It has been updated.