As the one-year anniversary of living in a COVID-19 pandemic approaches, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. People are getting vaccinated, due to this cases are dropping and ICU’s are not at full capacity all the time anymore. The real end might not be so near for many of us, since vaccine supply is still less than ideal and herd immunity might take a bit longer to achieve. Parents are done. We are exhausted , overwhelmed and a tad depressed (is it just me?). Between working from home while also homeschooling, not being able to get a break from everyone, being “on” 24/7, and also dealing with all the emotions our children are dealing with, not seeing their friends, not getting to experience the world as they were used to, not seeing their grandparents in a lot of cases to keep them safe from the virus. It’s been a lot. It is still a lot. But you are not alone. When I feel lonely I like to scream into the Twitter void because I know someone out there will feel the same way I do. And, with pandemic parenting , there is a lot of screaming, from many of us.

Here are the best #PandemicParenting tweets:

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