Divorce is a difficult decision, but you can have a healthy breakup. Motherly’s got you covered with advice and essays from other mamas who’ve been there.


I’m getting a divorce—why am I thriving compared to the other moms I know?

I am proud to say that I think we are building a better divorce than many people’s marriages—through open communication, putting our kids first and a high degree of mutual respect.

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Mom received an epic $215K divorce settlement for 25 years of unpaid housework—and we’re still clapping

Ivana Moral of Spain will be paid the sum by her ex-husband.


The dangers of #DivorceGoals

Divorce is tricky. Divorce with kids involved is even trickier.


The grief of divorce hit me most when it came to sharing custody

Divorce and custody are two different ball games.

Celebrity News

Kelly Clarkson says her kids wish ‘mommy and daddy were in the same house’

"My kids ask me all the time, 'So you don't love him anymore?'"


5 tips for successful co-parenting, according to an expert

People will inevitably parent differently, but there are some things co-parents can do to help make things less stressful and more meaningful for their child and themselves. 


To the mama just starting the co-parenting journey: The handoffs were the hardest part for me

It’s painful to watch families go through the early part of settling into a post-divorce co-parenting routine. Whether you’re an a-list celebrity or just plain suburban somebody like me, it’s not easy. Here's how I learned to adjust.

Single Parenting

I’m a divorced mom, but don’t tell me my kids live in a ‘broken home’

I'm proud of the home I've made for my children, because let me tell you, single motherhood isn't easy.


To the divorced mama struggling at Christmas: I see you

Here are 6 things I learned to not only survive—but thrive during the holidays.


Utah dads are now legally required to pay prenatal child support

Biological fathers in Utah will be legally required to pay half of their pregnant partner's out-of-pocket costs.

Blended Families

10 ways to get past conflict with your co-parent

We have to accept that we're going to have differences—and learn how to create agreement.