Halloween is on the way and, even more stressful, Election Day is looming. There's non-stop news to consume in this stage of the election cycle, but if you want to take a break from the heavy stuff, we've got you covered, mama.

Here are a few good news stories, and they just happen to feature some of the most adorable dads we've ever seen online.

These are the headlines making us smile this week:

Dad builds an incredible Zoom Halloween costume for daughter 🙌

Halloween definitely looks different in 2020. While many families will opt to skip trick-or-treating altogether, others will mask up, glove up and try to observe social distancing while they crisscross their neighborhoods on All Hallows' Eve.

Greg Dietzenbach decided to build his daughter, Ada, a custom costume that reflected Halloween 2020: a 'Zoom and Gloom' monster meeting. Dietzenbach posted a video of his daughter wearing the creative costume on Twitter, with the caption, "I made a killer Zoom Meeting costume for my daughter. #Halloween2020."

While 12-year-old Ada smiles from the center of the board, she's surrounded by monsters in her Zoom meeting, including Wolf Man, Drac(ula), Mummy, and Creature (Black Lagoon.)

The top center square is a live reflection of whoever Ada is facing. When parents open their doors on Halloween to Dietzenbach's daughter, they will see themselves join the Zoom meeting. Hilariously, they're labeled as 'Next Victim.'

Dietzenbach also shared a video where he shows how he created the board and all the characters, for which Ada modeled. He explained the process to Good Morning America. "I recreated the Zoom interface—adding subtle jokes like '666 Participants,' and instead of 'End Meeting for All,' it says 'End Life' and 'Share Screen' is changed to 'Share Scream'—in Adobe Illustrator and transformed photos of my daughter into monsters using an iPad drawing app called Procreate," he explained.

"The live video screen was the very same iPad I used to draw the monsters," Dietzenbach said. "It was taped to the back of the board and [I] ran a mirror app so it'd have a clean display of the victim."

It's hard making holidays feel special, especially during a pandemic. We applaud Dietzenbach for his creativity in bringing the Zoom and Gloom meeting to life—and a smile to his daughter's face.

This adorable baby is going viral after posing for Walmart security camera

Nick Janzen and his baby daughter Kira are going viral after being caught on the security camera at Walmart. The daddy-daughter duo were not committing any crime...unless being adorable counts.

The pair were waiting in line with Nick's wife, Ivy (Kira's mama) when Nick held Ivy up to a security camera so she could see herself. Ivy snapped a pic to share with her Facebook friends.

That's when Nick's sister saw the photo and tweeted it, adding the caption: "absolutely losing it over this picture of my brother with his baby."

So are we! Baby Kira is too cute.

This toddler is going viral for cheering on his dad: 'You can do it, Dada!'

As reported by Today Parents , D'Anthony Ward and his 2-year-old son Taj are going viral for the sweetest video.

The clip was recorded when the two were playing at a park in Lawrenceville, Georgia. When Taj got to the playground's climbing wall he wanted his dad to join him. "I was like, 'I am a little too old," says Ward.

When Taj took that to mean his daddy just needed some cheerleading, Ward hit record and captured his toddler encouraging him. "You can do it, Dada! You can do it," Taj says.

"I can't. I'm too big," Ward replies.

"You can do it! You put your foot right here," Taj says, showing his dad how he did it fist. "Climb to me!"

"I know you can! Come on, you can do it!" says the toddler.

This baby is the cutest little cheerleader we have ever seen. Clearly, his dad (who can be found on Instagram and YouTube, where he's known as The Dad Vlog ) has been providing Taj with plenty of encouragement. Now, the little guy is just returning the favor.