The United States hit a grim milestone this week: the coronavirus has now killed 250,000 Americans . As medical staff cope with record hospitalizations, many wonder if the upcoming holiday season will make the virus's spread worse.

Still, there's good news. Pfizer says their coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective , even in older adults. The vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca also has promising results.

If you're looking for some more good news from this week, we've got you covered.

There’s a contest to name the new panda cub at the Smithsonian's National Zoo

Weeks after Americans took to the polls in record numbers, it's time to use your voice again to weigh in on an (almost) equally important matter: naming the new panda cub at the Smithsonian's National Zoo.

The male cub was born back in August to mom Mei Xiang, who at 22 years old, is the oldest giant panda to ever give birth in the US. You can watch Mei Xiang and baby live on the Zoo's Giant Panda Cam here .

The names the Zoo is considering for the furry cub are:

Fu Zai (福仔) [fu-tzai]—prosperous boy

Xiao Qi ji (小奇迹) [shiau-chi-ji]—little miracle

Xing Fu (幸福) [shing-fu]—happy and prosperous

Zai Zai (仔仔) [tzai-tzai]—a traditional Chinese nickname for a boy

Head over to the Zoo's website to cast your vote. The Smithsonian's National Zoo will announce the winning name on November 23 rd .

Charcuterie houses are the Thanksgiving tradition you didn’t know you needed

The latest holiday food trend is equally adorable and delicious: charcuterie houses!

Better Homes & Gardens featured this trend recently and it's gaining popularity, just in time for Thanksgiving.

If building gingerbread houses is part of your family's holiday traditions, you might want to try your hand at building a charcuterie chalet.

Swap out the cookies, frosting, and gumdrops for a building of meat, crackers, and cheese. Don't forget the nuts, pretzels, and fresh herbs to personalize your chalet. Let your imagination and love for cold cuts run wild!

This is a year unlike all others. We're all about looking for silver linings and making new traditions. Maybe this savory take on the holiday staple is just the thing.

Cinnabon is now selling pints of frosting (and we don't want to share)

If you need something to look forward to right now, Cinnabon has got you covered.

The company is now selling its signature frosting by the pint.

The potential is limitless (or you could just grab a spoon!)

If you love frosting you have to check out for the holiday recipes you can create with this pint! Frosting topped sweet potatoes? Frosting in a cheese ball? Yes, please! (In moderation, of course.)