As we head into another week of quarantine, we're looking for silver linings and happy moments wherever we can find them.

Luckily, the internet is full of these kinds of stories as humanity rallies to support one another during this trying time.

It is seriously hard to get through each day right now, and it's great to see people doing funny, kind or just plain relatable things that make us smile.

Mama, there's a lot of good happening in the world right now and even though we must stay physically distant, in some ways we are closer than ever before.

Here are the stories making us smile this week:

This mom wore a Buzz Lightyear helmet to the store  😂

When mom Kelly Hogan Painter and her husband realized they had no cloth masks for Painter to wear on her grocery store run, she got creative and ended up wearing a Buzz Lightyear helmet to fetch food for her kids.

"If y'all see me on the news tonight PLEASE don't tell my mama. She would be so embarrassed," Painter captioned the clip of her walking toward the store.

It's obviously not in line with CDC's cloth mask recommendations, but some doctors actually say "face shields provide a better solution" than cloth masks anyway (they're talking about for people in hospitals though, not for a grocery run).

According to Dr. Michael Edmond and Dr. Daniel Diekema , "clear plastic material attached to a headpiece to cover the eyes, nose and mouth, thereby preventing infectious droplets from contacting these areas where the virus can enter the body" can be valuable when masks are in in short supply.

So Painter may have been joking with her mask, but it was better than nothing.

Viral video shows toddler trying to figure out how to sit in a chair 😂

As first reported by POPSUGAR, Florida-based journalist Andrea Lyon uploaded this clip of her toddler on trying to figure out how chairs work—and the cute clip is exactly what the world needs right now.

Lyon captioned her Facebook video: "For everyone struggling today, watch Aiden learning how to sit. Things could be so much harder if you didn't know how to sit."

"He always tries to sit on everything this way," Andrea told POPSUGAR of her 1-and-a-half-year-old son, Aiden.

She said, "Aiden always wants to sit on his soccer balls, his stuffed animals, and now his new red chair. I knew I had to catch it on camera! This time he added a little extra by pulling the chair closer, which really made it hilarious."

Thanks for the smiles, Aiden! You'll figure it out!

Anonymous donor gives entire town grocery gift cards

Someone is looking out for their neighbors in Earlham, Iowa. As CNN reports, Earlham Mayor Jeff Lillie got a call asking how an anonymous donor could help the town's 1,450 residents.

At first, the donor wanted to donate 100 gift cards, but they kept upping the number of donations they wanted to make until they were at 500.

"I said to him, at 500, you're darn near giving a gift card to every single household in Earlham," Lillie told CNN. "When I told him there were 549 households in town, he said 'Done.' And that was it. I was ecstatic because it made sure everyone would get a card."

The donor bought three gift cards for each household.

"Every person in town woke up to a surprise in their mailbox: An envelope containing a letter from the city and three $50 gift cards to West Side Bar and Grille, Hometown Market, a grocery store, and Trostel's Broken Branch, a restaurant and coffee shop," CNN reports.

The three small businesses received $27,000 each, for a total donation of more than $80,000.

And the kindness act keeps giving. For residents in Earlham who don't need their gift cards, they can drop them off at City Hall if they don't want them. The gift cards will be given to other families who could use them.

Hilary Duff's vibrant quarantine hair is going viral

It seems like everyone on social media is going wild with their pandemic hairstyles and Hilary Duff is no exception. The mom of two just debuted her new shorter, blue hair on Instagram and fans are loving it.

Her husband, musician Matthew Koma explained via Instagram Live that he was the one who dyed Duff's hair.

Like a lot of us, Duff doesn't need to adhere to professional dress codes right now.

"I'm supposed to be shooting Younger right now but obviously we're paused from that and hopefully we'll pick up as soon as we're all able to leave our house," she said during a recent appearance on Miley Cyrus' Instagram Live show.