The wildfire crisis in Australia has killed 20 people and left thousands of families homeless . Hundreds of millions of animals have been lost to the fires. The sky is filled with smoke—the air quality in Canberra is so bad that the agency responsible for emergency management shut down, CNN reports.

It is difficult for people overseas to imagine the pain the country is going through, but Pink is not turning away from the harrowing images coming out of the nation. Instead, the American singer is opening her wallet, pledging to donate $500,000 to support the fire services in the devastated country where she has previously toured and spent time with her family.

This week Pink announced her $500,000 pledge on Instagram and encouraged other Americans to make their own (smaller) donations.

Pink is using Instagram to help Australia

Pink used Instagram to post a list of organizations accepting donations to address the wildfire crisis in Australia. And Nicole Kidman shared the same image and is donating the same amount Pink pledged.

"Our family's support, thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the fires all over Australia. We are donating $500,000 to the Rural Fire Services who are all doing and giving so much right now," Kidman captioned her post.

In addition to the list shared by Pink and Kidman, concerned North Americans may wish to donate to the Australian Red Cross , which is assisting thousands of people in evacuation centers and is helping reunite families who have been separated.

The situation the Red Cross is dealing with is complex and extensive. That's why UNICEF Australia announced on Monday that it plans to support the Australian Government and the Red Cross in helping children and families get through this challenging time (and the long recovery process yet to come).

Unicef will be "assisting relief partners to ensure the necessary support and resources are available for affected children to return to school, supporting recovery by working with partners to provide access to psychosocial support for affected children [and] contributing to rehabilitation efforts by convening appropriate forums to ensure children's voices shape future responses."