This story was originally published December 04, 2020

Mama of three, Casey Huff, knows a thing or two about going viral on Facebook. Last year we covered her post about 'crossing the aisle' at Target which went wildly viral because all moms can relate to that moment when you realize your babies are now just big kids. A couple of days ago her she posted on her Facebook page "Bouncing Forward with Casey Huff" a celebration to the mom who just handles it, who just get things done regardless of everything else.

Since posting it, her words have gathered traction with over 1,000 shares and tons of comments from other moms who just feel seen. One commenter said "This is what I needed today.. a little reminder of why I just handle it ... and why it's worth it" while another one added that she's also tired of having to do it all, which is a sentiment many of us can also relate to.

The post reads:

"Here's to the mom who just handles it.
The mom who carries such a heavy load day in and day out.
The one who wakes up early and stays up entirely way too late, and somehow still can't find enough hours in the day to feel caught up.
The one who already has a full plate and is forced to make room for even more when life throws curveballs like kid fevers or car troubles or work issues or mental health struggles or disrupted plans.
The one who doesn't know how she can possibly juggle it all, but still she find a way.
Here's to the mom who just handles it.The one who puts one foot in front of the other again and again to get through the tough days.
The ones who holds her babies tightly and carries them through the trenches.
The one who feels defeated at the end of the day and fails to notice all the amazing, incredible, superhuman things she made happen.
Here's to the the mom whose weary body and mind whisper, "I can't do this." Any yet... She does.
Here's to the mom who just handles it.
Not because she wants to, but because someone has to.
And because she can.
Here's to her.
Here's to YOU."

We couldn't agree more, mama.