This time of year, we've all got sand and sun on our mind, but being pregnant at the beach (or poolside!) isn't always as easy-breezy as it seems. Don't let your blossoming belly keep you from maximizing your summer fun. From a great maternity bathing suit to the best bottle to keep you hydrated all day long, we've got 8 must-haves for your fun in the sun.

1. Start your look with some Stoney Clover Lane Summer Tattoos (15 tattoos/sheet). $10

2. This Eberjey Libertine Elka Coverup will last you well beyond pregnancy. $156

3. Cute, comfy and cheap! These Target Platform Sandals are a summer steal. $24.99

4. Cause baby's not here yet, pack your stuff into his 7 A.M. Enfant Hamper Bag. $49

5. Janessa Leone's Juhl Hat takes the standard straw staple to another level. $230

6. Stay hydrated, pregnant lady! And do it in style with S'well's Pastel Water Bottle. $35

7. No, it's not your cute belly they're looking at--it's this adorable Topshop Maternity Tile Swimsuit. $65

8. Finish off your look with these chic Crap Eyewear Hanoi Weekend Sunglasses. $58