Be honest—is there some aspect of parenting that could be better?

If you’re like most parents, the answer is YES! Parenting is an ever-shifting experience and there’s always something new to learn or improve upon.

How affirmations work

Affirmations are declarations of intent.

They help you focus your energy on what you want as though it already exists. (That’s why they’re written in the present tense!)

As you focus on what you want, you shift your beliefs and you set what you want into motion so that it becomes your reality. I recommend you listen to the 5-minute affirmation audio (below) 4-5 times a week until these affirmations become part of you.

Self affirmations

1. I am a great parent.

2. I am aware of my child’s nature and supportive of them living their truth.

3. I am willing to learn and grow.

4. I am grateful for the resources that continue to show up to help me be a great parent.

5. My spouse and I agree on healthy parenting approaches.

6. When something is out of balance, I seek answers and am led to solutions that make a difference.

7. I am confident and growing in my parenting role.

8. I listen to the spirit and I am guided.

9. I do what is correct for me and my children.

10. I support others in choosing the same.

11. Comparisons do not serve me—I notice when I compare myself to other parents and I quickly let them go.

12. I love being a parent.

13. I love how much joy this role gives me.

14. I am healthy and vibrant.

15. I take the time I need to care for my own needs—doing this supports me in being a better parent.

16. I get the rest I need.

17. I easily make changes when change is the best option.

18. It’s amazing how successful our family is.

19. We have a great time together.

Health and wellness affirmations

20. My children’s health is a priority to me.

21. I take the necessary steps to ensure I am supporting their health and wellness.

22. I find answers when something is out of balance.

23. I feed my children healthy food options.

24. They love eating healthy foods.

25. Dinner is an enjoyable experience we all look forward to.

26. I can afford the good food that my children love to eat.

27. I enjoy food preparation and can even find resources to support me when I need a break.

28. Life is good in my family.

29. We stay fit and love to exercise.

30. I am a good role model to my children on how to take care of my body.

31. I teach my children to love and respect their bodies.

32. We are all free of illness and disease.

33. We stay healthy all year round.

Home affirmations

34. Our home is a place of peace.

35. We enjoy each other’s company and know when to give each other privacy.

36. Our home is orderly and organized.

37. Everyone is willing to contribute to maintaining the order and function of our home.

38. My children do their chores willingly.

39. I know how to support their true natures by giving them jobs they can accomplish easily.

40. We have a lot of fun in our home.

41. We are making fond memories with the activities we enjoy in our home.

42. I love the traditions we have that support our day-to-day and holiday experiences.

Recreation affirmations

43. I am grateful that we take the right amount of time to play and recreate together as a family.

44. All of our recreational activities turn out to be very pleasant, enjoyed by everyone.

45. We allocate the correct amount of money to support recreational pursuits.

46. We enjoy spending time together in recreational activities.

47. Our family vacations are affordable for our budget and very memorable.

48. Our children appreciate the money that is allocated and learn how to budget and spend money on activities that are renewing.

49. We all have a great time together.

Communication and discipline affirmations

50. I am using discipline appropriately in a way that helps my children correct their behavior to learn new ways of approaching things.

51. I understand that discipline is a tool to help change behavior when the behavior is not congruent with what is best and my child’s potential and true nature is being compromised—I help them learn through correct discipline how to optimize their true self.

52. I approach all disciplinary functions with a peaceful honoring tone of voice and behavior that is respectful of my child.

53. I act in a way that shows respect for my children.

54. I have patience.

55. I am blessed with added patience when I am losing control.

56. I am blessed with patience and understanding before I lose control.

57. I always speak to my child in a loving, kind tone of voice.

58. All of my children feel safe and honored by me.

59. I have good communication skills.

60. I am a good listener.

61. My children come to me to share what they need support with.

62. I validate my child’s feelings.

63. I listen to understand.

64. I say “tell me more” frequently.

Cooperation affirmations

65. I am grateful for how much cooperation we experience as a family.

66. There is tremendous harmony in our family.

67. Our family makes an extra effort to get along and be each other’s good friends.

68. I am a role model, guide and friend to my child as their parent.

I am grateful for my family and the opportunity to be the parent to my children.

You are already a good parent because you care and want to improve. Your intent matters and makes a difference!

This article was originally published on The Child Whisperer.

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