buybuy BABY Shopping Hacks

How to get the special perks that every mama’s entitled to.

buybuy BABY Shopping Hacks

*We’ve partnered with buybuy BABY to help you navigate your transition into motherhood.

Some life hacks just have to be spread word-of-mouth, like the secret menu at Starbucks or how you can actually sample every single item at Whole Foods. But do you know how to hack your shopping experience at buybuy BABY? All these benefits are there for the taking!

Shopping at buybuy BABY is about more than just stuff. It’s an experience. It’s like the platinum card of baby stores: there are so many amenities. You probably already know about their registry incentives -- like the amazing goodie bag and the completion discount -- but there are so many more incredible perks that will make your registry experience an absolute dream. It was tough work, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top 5 favorite buybuy BABY shopping hacks.

1. VIP parking for pregnant and new mamas.

Let’s be honest: whether you’re 38-weeks pregnant or 3-weeks postpartum, walking is hard. Like, really hard. The good people at buybuy BABY know that, and they’ve made it easy on us. No trekking in from the very back of the mall parking lot; when you shop at buybuy BABY, expectant and new moms get priority parking spots close to the front door.

2. The feeding rooms are super cushy.

Anyone who’s ever breastfed a baby in an airport bathroom can tell you, a cushy nursing room is basically heaven on earth. Picture this: a big comfy chair, a changing table, an outlet to charge your phone. buybuy BABY totally delivers. Every single store has a clean and private feeding and changing room, making it easy to take care of your little one while you shop.

3. A personal shopping expert.

Did you know there are, like, a million different bottle brands? And different nipples for different ages? And here are so many car seats and strollers your brain might melt trying to choose the right one. You could just buy the one your sister-in-law told you to get -- or you could chat up one of the registry experts at buybuy BABY. They have experience with nearly every brand and model on the market and know all the details to make sure you get the best product for your lifestyle. You can even make an appointment for one on one time to ask questions and receive valuable advice and a great experience.

4. Reserve online pick up in-store, shop the latest catalogs online or our app. 

Did you know you can shop online or on the app, reserve your basket and have the items waiting for you at check out? Convenience and free to secure! Fun fact, we now have a live chat if you need help or have a question and want to speak with someone from the convenience of your couch!!! New this year is an interactive checklist  that helps with online shopping too. 

5. Get advice from the babyhood blog and buybuy BABY Instagram

A hidden gem! We speak all things baby! From strollers to nursery tips, inside scoop on the top brands, smart home products, and registry advice. It’s like insider trading with monthly featured topics and influencers who shop in store and report back their most valuable finds!

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