Ceiling wallpaper home decor trend

When it comes to home decor, mamas typically have to prioritize kid-proof and functional over style. But, recently ceiling wallpaper speaks to both needs and is gaining popularity. The trend may be buzzing all over social media now, but it's really nothing new. Michelangelo had the right idea when he painted the Sistine Chapel and we saw the trend pop up again in the 1970s.

Ceiling wallpaper works for most rooms because depending on the pattern, you can go very minimalist or luxe, and you can transform a boring decor into the chicest thing you've ever seen. Even if you aren't handy, removable and changeable wallpaper allows you to easily adhere prints wherever you like.

Here's what to know about ceiling wallpaper:

What exactly is ceiling wallpaper?

Ceiling wallpaper is just as it sounds—wallpaper that's on the ceiling. It's an easy way to add touches of your personality to a room without overdoing it. The cool part is that any room can be transformed with wallpaper—even your teeny tiny bathroom. "Any wallpaper can be used on the ceiling, you can use traditional wallcoverings, decals or murals to give it a special pop and make a room really stand out," says Marina Hanisch of Marina Hanisch Interiors.

Even if you aren't exactly sold on the trend for your living room or bedroom, it might be a great option for the nursery in your home. "Removable wallpaper is such a great way to personalize a space for your little one," says Elizabeth Rees, founder of Chasing Paper. "Thoughtfully designed removable wallpaper means it will look great and is easy to change out once your child grows."

What's the easiest way for mamas to follow the trend?

When trying the trend, Hanisch recommends playing with your existing palette and to make sure that the paper incorporates some of the colors that are introduced in the space below it. You don't have to purchase new accessories to try the trend—simply choose a color or pattern that you enjoy and keep existing pieces of the same color palette.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, start with lighting. "A gorgeous lighting fixture helps tie your new wallpaper with everything else," says Hanisch. "It's like adding a pair of earrings before leaving the house, there is something missing without them and it completes your look once they are on."

Rees agrees. "Try to avoid overhead lighting, if possible as it tends to be harsh and bright," she says. "Adding lamps and other soft lighting is a great way to make your room feel cozy and calm.

Finally, if you're on a budget or are intimidated by pattern, using ceiling wallpaper more sparingly can still be very impactful. "Try framing a small swatch in a fun shape as an art print is easy and simple to do," says Rees.

How can mamas get started?

It sounds cheesy, but it's important to be true to yourself when choosing wallpaper. Don't select a color or pattern because it's popular, pick it because you genuinely love it. "I try to incorporate wallpaper designs that remind me of nature," says Hanisch. "For example, a constellation paper to create a moody atmosphere, a gold foil reminiscent of the sun, or a paper that is continued from the walls and wraps around. I love when the outdoors are brought in, in an organic and whimsical way."

Ready to begin? First, know that most wallpaper installations aren't a DIY project, mama. You'll want to fork over a few bucks and hire a professional because it's important to make sure the seams are hidden and that the paper is smooth and without buckles. But, you can go the peel-and-stick route, which is very easy to install. Simply remove the wallpaper's backing as you smooth the wallpaper with your hand.

Here are a few of our favorite wallpapers for mama's room:

Here are a few of our favorite wallpapers for kids' rooms:

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