When you make the switch from non-parent to mama, it comes with a lot of compromises. From sacrificing sleep to accepting that you might not have a white couch until your kid goes off to college, it can feel like life becomes one big bargain.

I'll be the first to admit that I've tried to hold on to my pre-baby home aesthetic as much as possible. And while I was (mostly) successful at limiting the number of primary colored, flashing light-ridden toys from entering our household, it I found it difficult to find a play mat that didn't instantly turn my living room into a gymnasium.

Then I discovered The House of Noa, and that changed everything.

Their (dare I say?) gorgeous play mats look more like a rug than a rubber pad, with a stunning selection of neutral patterns and fabric-inspired prints. It was easy to find a mat option that matched my aesthetic, and I loved how it could warm up a play space without compromise. Made with super-soft EVA foam, this minimalist-friendly play mat quickly became our favorite spot for tummy time, learning to crawl, and toddling about as my daughter and I played.

The mat arrives in square pieces that you can puzzle together (and take apart to reconfigure) to a seamless surface in any space, and when inevitable spills, spit-ups and accidents, it wipes clean with zero struggle. Even when the toys are cleaned up and my husband and I can reclaim our living room again, I feel zero desire to move the play mat because it warms up the room as well as any rug. Plus, it's easy to add on to your House of Noa play mat down the line should you decide you need a little more square footage.

The mats start at $99, and ours has lasted through the years—and multiple babies! The company even sells kitchen mats, place mats, highchair mats, activity mats with the same soft, wipeable functionality. Meaning, finally, there's a choice that works for babies and parents with zero compromise.

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