Navigating your way through your feeding journey as a new parent can feel overwhelming. While experts agree breast milk is the optimal way to nourish your little one, nursing isn’t always easy — or even possible — for everyone. Thankfully, there are healthful options out there, whether you’re breastfeeding, formula-feeding, or doing a combination of both.

The BabyNes Smart Nutrition Formula Dispenser is a must-have for any formula-feeding parent. Think of it as a Keurig for baby…a wi-fi-enabled machine that makes a perfectly measured, lump-free formula bottle at just the right temperature with the touch of a button. Single-serve capsules mean no more powder all over your counters, and they come in 6 different Gerber BabyNes formulations inspired from Breast milk evolution, each addressing the specific nutritional stage of your baby from birth to 3 years old. The best part? The bottle-making process takes under one minute, making nighttime (ok, anytime!) feeds a breeze.


Photography by Becky Kimball for Well Rounded NY.

Just about all of us had set assumptions about raising kids before we became parents ourselves. Some of these ideas might have been based on our own ideas of how we would absolutely do things differently than everyone else. Others, we believed what everyone else told us would happen would apply to our littles, too. But, that's not always the case, mama.

Below are six of the biggest lies I believed before having kids—and the reality of what actually happened for me.

1. Put your baby down drowsy, but awake

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