This week marks an important milestone--one year since the women’s march and the gathering of millions of women (and their pink hats) around the country again this year. Find out more about the strides that were made in 2017 and the biggest news about the reinvention of some of our favorite brands in this edition of Weekly Links.

1. Wondering what's changed since the first Women's March? This essay in Mother Mag recaps the most important victories and stalemates in the fight for women’s rights and equality. Plus, find out how you can make a difference in 2018 with these 8 ways to channel your energy into something constructive!


2. The iconic Toys R Us is closing 180 U.S. stores between now and April. Many locations will stay open or become co-branded Toys R Us/Babies R Us stores, but for now, we can look forward to the clearance sales starting as early as mid-February.

3. Finally, something to do during those 2am feedings! Starting Feb 1, you can tune into this virtual parenting conference, a month-long series of webinars and classes on pregnancy, birth and parenting.

4. One of our favorite baby gear brands has released a lower-priced collection! Essential by Britax features the brand's high-quality safety gear at an everyday value, and will be available at retailers including Target, Wal-Mart and buybuyBABY. See what's included here.

5. Not sure how to work scary, common potential allergens into your child’s diet? Drawing from her experience working at 23andMe, Ashley Dombkowski, Ph.D., created a gentle supplement called SpoonfulOne that helps reduce later instances of food allergies. Check it out here.

Photo courtesy of Tomorrow's News Today Atlanta.

There's the magazine cover photo of the new celebrity mom glowing as she looks down at the beautiful, sleeping baby in her armsβ€”and then there's real life.

In real life, postpartum mothers are just as likely to be wearing diapers as their babies are, and bumps need months to deflate.

That's why we're so grateful for the way celebrities are ditching damaging narratives about postpartum perfection and embracing the messy authenticity of new motherhood. Thanks to these modern mamas, the rest of us are seeing our own experiences reflected in pop culture, and that lets us know we're not alone.

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