We often talk about strengthening our legs, abs and arms, but what about our pelvic floor? That's right -- down there. During pregnancy and birth, this sling-like group of muscles stretches and shifts around, which can leave us with uncomfortable, annoying and even painful symptoms -- we're talking about things like incontinence, groin pain and itching vulva. Strengthening your core can not only make you stronger everywhere, it will also provide the support that your organs need and even improve your sex life. That is why we met with Lindsey Vestal from Functional Pelvis -- to tell us all about our pelvic floor and about how to whip our lady parts back in shape (hint: it's so much more than just Kegels). Watch the video below.

Having a newborn is challenging at the best of times, but during forced isolation and in a climate of fear and uncertainty, it can become overwhelming.

The coronavirus pandemic is setting up our communities for genuine mental health concerns. This may be especially true for new parents. When will 'normal' life return? How will I pay for diapers and baby food? Will my mom be able to help us now? What if my baby or my family get COVID-19? Unfortunately, no one knows the long-term impact or answers just yet.

Most families have built a network of social support by the time they have their first child—if they don't already have a support system, they develop one through various baby classes and groups set up for parents. The creation of the village can be instrumental to the mental health of new parents. Social distancing, the lockdown of cities, and isolation will inadvertently affect the type of support available.

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