7 ways to love your body while you’re pregnant

#5—Throw away the scales. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important overall. Eat well and obsess less.

7 ways to love your body while you’re pregnant

Gone are the days when women would cover up while pregnant.

In our age of social media, we’re encouraged to show off our pregnancy curves and celebrate this special time in our lives to document and create memories for the future and for our families.

So let’s take on the “love the body you’re in” mentality—worrying less about the changes and focusing on the beautiful miracle that is pregnancy!

Here are 7 ways to love the skin you’re in throughout your pregnancy + beyond.

1. Dress to impress.

Embrace your newfound curves. Maternity style does not have to be dull! Wear figure-hugging tops and dresses to help emphasize your shape and show off your body.

Dressing well will boost your self-confidence. ? ?

2. Wear beautiful bras + underwear.

Look and feel pretty from the inside out.

With pregnancy often comes an increase in your bust size, which will help shape your silhouette on the outside. Be sure to get correctly fitted for new maternity bras and underwear early on in your pregnancy. Wearing bras and underwear that fits and supports correctly will feel amazing and will provide you with all-day comfort.

Wearing beautiful underwear is a well-deserved treat and can change the way you carry yourself. ?

3. Go to the beach.

Invest in a great maternity swimsuit and enjoy family time at the beach.

A well-designed suit will not only flatter your body and make you feel great, but it will also give you the confidence necessary to swim and play with that much-needed feeling of support. ?

4. Get active.

Keeping fit is a wonderful way to help you look and feel great. Low-impact exercise such as Pilates, yoga, walking and swimming are wonderful ways to help maintain a healthy weight and strengthen muscles.

Bonus: A strong body will be ready for labor and birth! ?‍♀️

5. Throw away your scale.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to your overall well-being. Try to eat well and obsess less about weight gain.

A combination of healthy food and exercise will help create a healthy and steady weight gain throughout your pregnancy. ?

6. Treat yourself.

A prenatal massage is a wonderful (and helpful!) treat during pregnancy. Your body will love the gentle massage and welcome the release of muscle tension, aches and pains that may come about because of pregnancy. ✌️

Something indulgent for yourself here and there throughout your pregnancy is a nice way to pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you’re doing. Keep it up, mama!

7. Get plenty of support.

Having that special someone to discuss your fears and thoughts with is important during this emotional time in your life. Pregnancy brings about hormonal changes that can make us feel like we’re riding a roller coaster of feelings. Your partner can be there for you to listen and help calm down any fears you have around birth and motherhood. Keep the lines of communication open with one another. ?

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It's my personal opinion that this belly deserves some love. So starting with my second pregnancy, I've relied on Belly Bandit's postpartum belly bands (which I own in three sizes) to help support my core, reduce swelling, and begin to activate my midsection after nine months of being stretched to the max.

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