To quote Sarah Bessey...

“Let me mother out my best hopes instead of my worst fears.”

Get the skinny on healthy living

We got to chat with Brooke Griffin, the inspiring woman behind the wildly popular website, on losing the baby weight, the key to successful meal planning and the importance of sharing a family meal. TELL US ALL YOUR SECRETS OH WISE ONE.

We also got two of her out-of-this-world (skinny!) recipes—southern shrimp and grits and Caribbean jerk chicken with mango salsa. Pass the jerk, please. ?

Do you feel that?

Is it working mom guilt?

Our letter to working mamas has women everywhere ?. Repeat after us: You are not a bad mama for working. You are not a bad employee because you are a mom.

In fact, you’re kind of amazing. Here’s why.

‘I’m becoming my mother’

And we don’t hate it. ☝️

Why is it that we need to become mothers ourselves in order to truly understand those wild and crazy ladies we call ‘mom’? One new mama unpacks it all. We love you, mom.

More children, less stress?

According to our friends at Babyology—the more children you have, the less stressed you are. (Whaaat?) Plus, like #6 says, siblings are friends for life. BRB, getting our ovulation kits out.


Team Motherly

P.S. Thanks to our friends at Awestruck, we can now perfect our oversize pout. Eat your heart out, Kylie. ?