To quote Kristen Bell. . .

“Having kids has made me a happier person. I get a tremendous amount of self-esteem from taking care of my kids.”

Girlfriend goals

Friends without kids, ahhh, how we miss that life.

Not that we’d trade snuggles with our little one for ANYTHING, but when baby comes along, it’s harder to be the spontaneous, Bachelor-watching, champagne-drinking bestie that we used to be.

So here’s one mama’s letter to girlfriends without kids

I’m sorry I am a party-pooper. I’m also a diaper pooper scooper, 24/7.

One day, I’ll be back. Thanks for hanging with me. ?

Speak up

Who wants to have an awkward conversation? ?   Anyone? Okay, us neither.

But when you need to address an issue with your child’s caregiver, remind yourself that your advocating for someone who cannot yet advocate for themselves.

One pro working mama explains her strategies for having a hard conversation with a nanny or daycare provider.

You’ve got this.

You do you

Although it sounds lovely, there’s so much more to self-care than painting your nails ? while donning a face mask on in a quiet bathroom. ?

Mother-of-two Tara Pringle Jefferson, who recently launched a self-care subscription box company, (yes please!), explains that self-care isn’t all bubble bath and iced coffees; self care is sometimes setting boundaries, talking about yourself kindly, or carving out time for your hobbies.

Self-care is knowing what you need to fill up your own cup, before you can pour yourself into helping others.

And self care is always, ALWAYS, pouring yourself that warm cup of coffee. ☕️ Caffeine me.

Having another?

Do we ever really know for certain when we’re done having kids?

Some mamas have a lightbulb moment—and others, like writer and mama Azizah Rowen, gradually accept the end of the baby years.

Bye uncomfortable #babybump and lack of sleep. ?

Bye newborn smell. ?

Hello, breast pump free life. ?

Be kind to yourself this week.

Yours in eye masks and bubble baths and the ability to text a friend back within minutes, not days—