To quote Stephanie Nielson. . .

“Mothers are kind and soft and brave and powerful."

I like the way you mom

⭐️ Mothers are rock stars. Let's recognize it, and let's demand that the world acknowledge it, too. Here are 11 ways we can increase the world's honor and respect for all things maternal. Step 1: You're amazing. Own it.


How you'll feel when you break out as a mom entrepreneur. Jill Salzman of The Founding Moms has helped thousands of women make the leap to entrepreneur, and has some pretty awesome insights on what makes mothers such great business owners. Hint—we're used to adjusting to anything life throws our way (dirty diapers, payroll, you know: the usual.)

What, like it's hard?

☝️What to tell yourself when you're thinking of having another baby. The average American mother today has 2.4 kids (we've always wondered about that .4 percent of a child. . .). But when you're asking yourself if you can handle another baby, take a breath, and read what Danielle Leeds Kim has to say about welcoming her second. Long story short: YOU GOT THIS.

Some like it hot

Okay, everyone likes it hot. But keeping sex spicy with little kids around can be complicated. (See also: We're tired.) So we're sharing 10 ways to keep sex spontaneous, exciting and x-rated—even when small people call you 'mom.'

Go get 'em girl.