To quote Linda Poindexter...

“You never appreciate all of the things your mother did for you until you find yourself doing the same things for your kids."

Army of 1. Determination of 1,000.

One mama pours her heart out in an essay about adjusting to her new life as a single mama and how she's helped her daughter cope with the change.

“No parent—married or divorced—has it figured out all the time. My daughter feels loved and has acclimated to her new normal with the inspiring resilience only children exhibit," she writes.

#Treatyoself with kindness, mama.

Are you interviewing at a family-friendly company?

Put on your best Sherlock Holmes hat, and let's figure it out.

The working mom experts at Fairygodboss share their best tips to help you determine if your co-workers will understand why you snuck out for a preschool graduation or need to call in to a meeting because your kiddo has the stomach bug.

Tip #1? Start with scheduling your interview at the end of the day. Does it run late? Do they respect your time? It'll be a good indicator of the office culture. And where do we sign up for the free babysitting?

The best promotion? Grandma.

Grandparents—they're wonderful for so many things. But what about when they start to break the rules—your rules?

One mama shares how she's learning to let her mother spoil her daughters a bit—and why she thinks they'll all benefit in the long run.

So next time Grammy gives our girl that extra cookie we'll squash the eye roll and remember how grateful we are.

We promise.

Peace, love, and motherhood ☮

Dr. Azine Neiman, founder of Peaceful Mama Coaching explains how she ditched 'perfect' and instead took on 'peaceful' parenting.

Part of ditching 'perfect'? Accepting all the emotions of motherhood—“relishing the good emotions and working through the bad ones," as Dr. Azine says.

So bring it on, sleep-deprived early mornings and sanity-testing toddler tantrums. Mama's got a whole new mantra: Serenity now.

PS We hope you had a great Mother's Day!

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