A wise person once said . . .

“This is the part where you find out who you are.”

Who you are as a woman

When you think of who you are—does ‘mom’ come to mind first—then other titles?That’s normal, and all part of the journey. Motherhood can be all-consuming.

One mama shares her 5 tips to help navigate the inevitable motherhood identity crisis.

You’ll never be the woman you were before kids. You’re so much more amazing now. ?

Who you are at work vs home

Raegan Moya-Jones has built an authentic, beautiful, super successful brand in aden + anais over the past 10 years. And she’s also a wife and a mother to four daughters, so it’s safe to assume life gets a little busy. We want to know—how does she manage the mother/wife/CEO game?

“I need to be laser-focused: when I’m at work, I’m at work. And when I’m at home, I’m at home.” ?

What brand of focus do you use? Because we’re going to make the switch.

Who you are as a partner

Things we want in our marriage—love, inspiration and connection. (And sex, amirite?!)

So, how do we get that? ? Communication.?

So what are the best expert tips to stay on the same wavelength? Mary Kay Cocharo, LMFT shares 8 of them with us. Like #6—create and share your wildest dreams for your life together. “Dreaming of what’s possible is a lovely way to work together on setting your relationship on its best path.”

Wildest dream #1—trip to Hawaii—no kids allowed.?

Who you are as a guide

As parents, our role as ‘guide’ is not for the faint of heart. Our tots are all I can’t leave right now, I need to finish painting my masterpiece on the kitchen wall. And we’re all ?.

It can be frustrating, but you should be grateful for that willfull toddler.

Our resident Development Psychologist Dr. Holly Ruhl explains that their assertive and stubborn qualities are actually great things to have. “Research even indicates that teaching children skills like assertiveness can improve their outlook on life, boost grades and reduce the risk of depression.”

Lots of A+’s in the future, mama.

Who are you? You’re motherly—fearless, strong, and amazing.