To quote Viola Davis . . .

“You always focus on your mistakes as a mom, and you just have to know that you’re doing the best you can with what you know.”

Less is more

We chatted with Dana + John of the popular Minimalist Baker blog about their new cook book, ‘Everyday Cooking,’ which is packed with 101 vegan, mostly-gluten free recipes that are so tasty you’ll forget they’re actually healthy, too.

Best part about their recipes? They all only require 30 minutes (or less!), one bowl or pot, and 10 ingredients or less.

Less is more, people. Except when it comes to chocolate. Then more is more. ?

Hard workin’ healthy mama

We got to chat with healthy mama founder Rachel Katz Galatt about her business of providing safe and effective solutions (like prenatal vitamins and lactation teas) to pregnant and nursing mamas. (Side note: Thank you Rachel!)

As a mama and CEO working to make the lives of other mothers better, we’re already big fans of Rachel’s, but then we read this nugget— “Being your own boss is one of the best things in the world but it’s also one of the toughest. Follow your dreams but be

pragmatic about it.” ?

So like, we’re dreaming of a tropical getaway ?, but being pragmatic, so we’re just sitting here in our underwear sipping homemade mojitos. Got it. ?

Love me like you do

Parenting can be tough (to say the least...) so we often find ourselves thanking a higher power for putting our partner in our lives (#blessed.)

One mama writes a beautiful love note to her husband thanking him for his sacrifices and unwavering support. “You give me strength when I can’t find it. You encourage me when I doubt myself, and you dry my tears when I don’t know if the decisions I made were right. I couldn’t be the mother I am without you.”

So basically, you are the wind beneath my wings. ? Cue it up, Bette Midler. ?

Happiness is...being an auntie

Ahh, aunts. They look like mom, but they know how to have fun like a sister.

One #TeamMotherly auntie writes a letter to her sisters thanking them for giving her the title “Aunt Kelly.”

Read it and weep. (No seriously, it made us cry. We adore the amazing aunts that love and support us and text us supportive emojis ? when our kids won’t. sleep.)

Yours in healthy recipes and vacation fantasies—