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It's time to take motherhood seriously.

For too long, the issues that women, children and families face have been treated as less important. The responsibilities of motherhood considered a departure from 'real' work. The duties of family life the problem of those who chose to have children. The health of women, children, and families, less important than other government priorities.

But with Motherly's State of Motherhood survey revealing that 85% of American mothers say that society doesn't understand or support them, it's time to demand more.

That's why together with Mom Congress we're declaring 2020 The Year of the Mother.

We're calling on leaders at all levels—from the presidential candidates, to employers in our communities, to our partners, to take action to help mothers go from surviving motherhood to thriving in motherhood.

The burden on women today is simply too heavy. Mothers today are doing enough. It's time for everyone else—our communities, our corporations, our government, our partners—to finally do their share.


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  • Support our platform
  • Call or visit your representative
  • Demand more from your employer
  • Negotiate responsibilities with your spouse
  • Start the conversation in your community
  • Use the hashtag #yearofthemother to share what you're doing to demand more



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