Blake Lively’s life may be a lot more glamorous than the average mom’s—but with three kids under the age of six, there’s plenty of chaos, too. Appearing on Good Morning America this week Lively told the GMA hosts that welcoming her third child was eye-opening.

“It’s like going from two to 3,000,” she says. “I mean, we have so many children. It’s pretty crazy. We’re outnumbered, and it’s a lot.” Lively is hardly alone in feeling like three kids is a lot. A survey by Today found moms of three are more stressed than moms of two or four.

Lively and her actor husband Ryan Reynolds welcomed their third daughter last year, in addition to 5-year-old James and 3-year-old Inez. The actress called out those who claim that once you’ve got two kids, having three isn’t much harder. “People say going from two to three, it’s the same, you know, it’s kind of easy—those people do not have three kids,” Lively says. “It is real crazy. But I’m here.”

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For as wild as the Lively-Reynolds household must be right now, a big family with lots of kids has always been a dream for the actress. “I’d love 30 if I could,” she told Allure magazine way back in 2012, right around the time she and Reynolds got married.

Whether the couple stops at three kids—because it seems like their hands are pretty full right now—or adds a few more to their brood, we know we can depend on them to be refreshingly honest about what it’s like. Because no matter how many kids you have, parenthood is never easy. But it is worth it.