Rachel Pally knows a thing or two about being a mom, and and also a thing or two about clothing. Now a mom of two boys, Rachel launched her clothing brand, named after her, well before becoming a mama. But she’s worked tirelessly to grow a brand that is conscious and inclusive -- that helps women feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. “We are size-inclusive, body positive and really aim to dress women during every phase of life,” Rachel Pally said. That’s why many of her clothes -- from her linen jumpsuits to her jersey dresses to her crepe chiffon tops -- can be worn before, during and after pregnancy. And that’s good news because as you enter motherhood, your goals will likely shift; and so will your style. That’s something that Rachel learned soon after giving birth to her first child. Rediscovering yourself while raising tiny humans is no easy fit; and we know it can be a lonely, bumpy ride. But we also know we can all gain a little wisdom from other moms' experiences. That’s why we talked to Rachel -- to find out what she learned about being a mom. Here are 4 things that Rachel Pally learned about being a mom. 1. Be efficient. My goals have evolved since becoming a mother. I want to work more efficiently, not more. I want to make sure I'm home for bedtime every night and can leave for work after my older son leaves for school. I do my best to be 100% present with work when I'm at the office and 100% present with my family when I'm home. 2. Stay away from precious clothing.a Moms can't wear precious clothing around their kids (at least I can't; I would be covered in strawberry stains or drool marks!). That’s why I design clothing that is meant to be worn -- to work, to wear on dates and to the park or to parties - clothes to live in! Our styles work for before, during, and after pregnancy; and many of our linen jumpsuits and dresses can fit nearly the entire length of pregnancy if you size up. Plus, the front buttons, which many of her styles feature, allow for easy feeding post-baby. 3. Your vision of sexy can change. I no longer think that stilettos and red lipstick are the epitome of sexy. I love high waisted pants and I love comfortable sneakers and clogs and flat sandals and I love easy dresses and jeans. I think that dressing to live life is sexy! My style is effortless and utilitarian while still being, which I think is very attractive! I don't want to be uncomfortable anymore, and I love that I can make beautiful clothes that make you feel comfortable while looking chic! 4. Yes, you CAN twin with your boys! As your style adapts to your new role as a mom, matching with your little one can be a fun way to experiment; and to bring a little eccentricity to otherwise practical and comfortable outfits. It’s easy to imagine moms matching with their daughters, but I’m a mom of boys and let me tell you: twinning with my sons is a lot of fun. My go-to brands are Ollie & Me and ARQ -- I love twinning in our skivvies. I also often opt for vintage Levi’s and overalls, and it makes us look like a family bluegrass band.