When we think of the Super Bowl we don’t usually think about baby butt and Baby Bjorns, but a new Pampers commercial premiering during Sunday’s big game is marrying masculinity and softness in the best way possible.

The Super Bowl spot stars John Legend (along with his wife Chrissy Teigen and their adorable kids, Luna and Miles) and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and his daughter Gio Grace. It’s a remix of Legend’s previous “Stinky Booty Duty” diaper jingle.

The ad is super cute and packed with star power, and it’s also coming at just the right time. Today’s dads do way more parenting than the generations of men who came before them. These days, only about 3% of dads have never changed a diaper—back in 1982, an astonishing 43% of fathers had never done what Legend and Levine do in this commercial.

Dads have come a long way in just a few decades, but over and over, research suggests that millennial dads want to be more involved in parenting, but feel that policy and cultural norms hold them back.

Pampers says its own surveys suggest “90 percent of dads consider themselves to be ‘hands-on,’ but more than half feel like society places less value on dads’ parenting role.”

This tracks. Just ask all the dads who are changing their babies on the floor of public bathrooms because there is no changing table in the men’s room.

So it may just seem like another bit of marketing (and of course it is), but just like the recent Gillette commercial, this Pampers commercial and it’s prime placement in the Super Bowl broadcast signal a change in the conversation around what masculinity looks like.

Two high profile dudes changing diapers is exactly what America needs to see during the Super Bowl. And we love how Legend is backed up by a chorus of baby-wearing dads (because as we’ve said before, there is nothing more masculine than a man wearing a baby.)

Speaking of who was wearing what in this commercial, when a Twitter user asked Chrissy if Luna was wearing a princess dress in the commercial because she wouldn’t wear the clothes the stylist picked out, Chrissy confirmed that yes, “that is exactly what happened”.

(Anyone who has done a Target run with a pre-school age Elsa or Spiderman in the cart can relate.)

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