When comedian and mama Amy Schumer got her COVID-19 vaccine this week, she wore a glamorous gown—and started a new social media trend.

"Wore my fanciest dress to get vaccinated," she captioned an Instagram photo of herself in a gorgeous gold-sequined gown. Schumer documented her entire vaccine appointment starting with the car ride over. "This is my 'going to get the vaccine' energy," she said in a video of herself dancing in the passenger seat of a car with the stereo blasting.

The mama of one also posted a clip of her shot being administered—through what appears to be a hole cut into one sleeve of the dress for the express purpose of getting vaccinated. "That's it?!" Schumer asked after the jab was done.

Schumer then treated the crowd to some of her trademark humor while she waited to see if she would experience any side effects from the vaccine. "I just wanted to maybe entertain some of the workers here during our 15 minutes. But I'm sorry if you were going to use this as time to meditate," she joked.

Amy Schumer/Instagram

"Thank you to everybody here. We got the vaccine!" she cheered as the room erupted into applause.

Schumer got serious about the shot on Instagram following the appointment. "I feel excited and hopeful. I hope you do too," she wrote.

She encouraged others to throw on their best suits and dresses for their shots for their vaccinations—and share an image online. For every post using the hashtag #downtogown, Schumer says talent manager Guy Oseary will donate $5 to Pencils 4 Kids, a non-profit organization that provides students with school supplies.

Schumer says dressing up for vaccinations is also a "nice way to show respect to the people working there who understand the enormity of what it is they are doing." She continued, "Thank you heroes. You are selfless and your humanity inspires us all."

Now, people across the country are joining in on Schumer's #downtogown fun. We love the support for our frontline workers and science—and the drool-worthy gowns!