When Ayesha and Steph Curry announced the birth of their third child, Canon W. Jack Curry, earlier this month, we thought Ayesha’s Instagram feed couldn’t get any cuter, but we were wrong.

The mom of three recently posted an adorable family photo that was taken before Canon was born. Mom, dad and sisters Riley and Ryan pose in Canon’s new nursery, which features decor from Pottery Barn Modern Baby.

“We’re the first to have their new modern baby collection,” Curry captioned her Instagram post. “This was such an exciting day. Blessed baby boy, so spoiled already.”

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The room is fit for a pampered baby and a mama as stylish as Curry. She did an on-trend accent wall in malachite green (a new twist on bringing green into the nursery) with black and white wallpaper on the other three walls.

ayesha currys nursery for canon 0
Pottery Barn Kids

“I’ve heard babies eyes are attracted to black and white and that it’s extremely sensory for them,” Curry wrote on her blog. “To add a little warmth and glam we went with the black and gold Crib and dresser/changing table.”

ayesha currys nursery for canon 1
Pottery Barn Kids

“One of my favorite pieces in the room is the ‘always’ framed art,” Curry explained. “It was such a sweet surprise because my husband and I have a special phrase we’ve said to each other for 10 years and it ends with ‘always’. There couldn’t have been a more perfect addition to the room.”

We’ve gotta say, it’s a pretty chic look for a baby. Canon is not even a month old yet and he’s already a trendsetter.

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