Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel recently became a mama for the second time, welcoming a baby boy last week.

Now, she's announced her newest addition's name via a sweet Instagram post featuring her two boys, toddler Anacan, and newborn Ariel.



A name with biblical roots, Ariel is a traditionally male name in Hebrew and internationally , but in the U.S. it has become more associated with girls thanks to a certain redheaded mermaid. Last year there were 2,056 baby girls and 599 baby boys named Ariel in America, according to the Social Security Administration .

The name Ariel is much more popular stateside than Swanepoel's first son's name, which is so uncommon it's not even found among the SSA's baby name rankings. It's more familiar to those in Brazil, where Swanepoel's fiancé, Hermann Nicoli, is from.



"It's pronounced 'Anacan'" Swanepoel told Vogue last year. "We've added the 'n' because the original spelling was Brazilian and doesn't have the 'n' and it was a little confusing for everyone over here, and I didn't want him to have issues, but he'll still have his original name in Brazil."

No matter how you spell it, Anacan is one adorable big brother, and his little brother is part of a growing baby name trend. While there are way more American girls named Ariel than boys, the number of boys with the name has been on the rise in recent years.

Congrats to Swanepoel on the newest addition to her 'A' team! 🎉