December babies are one-of-a-kind (really—science proves it!) They are born in the midst of the holiday season, during a time when people want nothing more than to be surrounded by the comfort of their closest friends and family, making it truly a time of peace and love.

The cold weather month brings out the beauty of winter, and with that comes a ton of nature-inspired baby names as well. The fun part about choosing a baby name for your little one is that inspiration can be found anywhere—from TV shows to gem stones. Any one of these December baby names would be just perfect for your little end-of-the-year bundle of joy.

Put on your holiday pajamas and check out these 20 December baby names for the precious little gift you’re about to receive

Gender neutral December baby names

1. Noel or Noelle: Noel is the French word for Christmas, which has become a pretty popular name for both boys and girls. Many parents choose the spelling Noel for a boy, and Noelle for a girl, though they can be interchangeable as you desire.

2. Kris: Kris Kringle is the German synonym for Christkind, which was used in place of Santa Claus for years, referring to an angel-like child who was born on Christmas and delivered gifts to children. Over the years, Kris Kringle has become another name for Santa Claus.

3. Avery: This gender neutral name means King Elf, which is so fitting for a holiday in which elves are the center of attention.

4. Taylor: Pop superstar Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989, giving you the perfect excuse to name your baby boy or girl after one of your favorite singers.

5. North: The name North was popularized in 2013 after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West chose the moniker for their firstborn child. With nicknames like Nori and Northie, this super cute and modern name is also fun for a December baby, referencing the North Pole.

December boy names

6. Nicholas: Saint Nicholas was the patron saint of children, and is another name for good old Santa Claus. If you’re looking for a Christmas-based religious name, Nicholas is a great choice.

7. Alfred: This name means Christmas elf, and is a sweet choice for your December baby boy.

8. Gabriel: Like the Angel Gabriel , who was sent from God to tell Mary she was to carry the baby Jesus, this name will never get old.

9. Ever: Actress Lea Michele brought attention to this handsome boy name in 2020 when she named her son Ever Leo. Seeing as how Evergreen trees have long been a symbol for Christmas, this name would be very fitting for a December baby.

10. Angelo: This name means angel and messenger of God, and is a classic name deriving from Italian origin.

11. Elden: A unique name meaning “from the elves’ valley” is perfect for December.

12. Jack: The name Jack has been popular for decades, and the winter nickname “Jack Frost” is a super cute reason to name your December baby Jack.

December girl names

13. Holly: Holly berries are a gorgeous red holiday decoration that many people love. The name Holly also doubles as an absolutely adorable baby name for a girl.

14. Elsa: Who wouldn’t want to be named after Disney’s powerful snow queen?

15. Eve: If your baby is born on December 24, a.k.a. Christmas Eve, the name Eve is a perfect fit.

16. Angel or Angelina: This name’s meaning speaks for itself. You’ll be referring to your baby girl as your “little Christmas angel” for the rest of her life.

17. Carol: If your family has a Christmas tradition of singing Christmas carols during the holidays, this name may be a meaningful choice for you. The classic women’s name is also a beautiful reminder of the lovely sounds of Christmas.

18. Natasha: Natasha, a name of Russian origin, means “born on Christmas Day,” which is ideal if your baby makes her big entrance into the world on December 25.

19. Winter: This name speaks for itself, referring to the season your baby was born in. With cute nicknames like Winnie or Win, this moniker is both unique and classy.

20. Stella: Stella, a name that continues to gain popularity in the United States, is of Latin origin and means “star,” which has a lot of heartfelt meaning for the Christmas season.

A version of this post was published November 19, 2020. It has been updated.