Carrie Underwood and her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, are getting ready to welcome a new addition to the team. In a video posted to Instagram Wednesday Underwood shared her happy news with fans and explained why the tour for her new album is a bit delayed.

She starts off the video by talking about the release date for her new record, Cry Pretty, (drops September 14) before getting into the details of tour dates and alluding to a due date.

After revealing that the Cry Pretty 360 tour will kick off May 1, 2019, Underwood (dressed in a pink jacket and sitting in front of a pink background) makes her reveal.

"You might be wondering or asking, 'Carrie, why is your tour starting in May?' Well …. yay!" she says as the camera pans out to reveal pink balloons spelling out "BABY."

"Mike and Isaiah and I are absolutely over the moon and excited to be adding another little fish to our pond," shared Underwood. "This has just been a dream come true," she says, referencing the album news and the baby news happening all at once.

"We're just so excited," she says.

We're excited for Underwood, too. The 35-year-old welcomed son Isaiah back in 2015 and we can't help but wonder if all the pink in this instagram video means he's about to get a sister. Or, it could just mean that Carrie likes pink.

Guess we'll find out in the coming months.

Congrats to Carrie and Mike!

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