We're used to seeing pictures of celebrities on red carpets or all done up by glam squads for photoshoots. But when they're off the clock? Many of them are experiencing the same realities of motherhood as the rest of us—which is why we love it when they let us "behind the scenes" with selfies from their personal lives.

In honor of National Selfie Day (yep, its a thing!) we rounded up some of our favorite pictures from celebrity mamas that feel like we could have taken them ourselves.

1. When Kristen Bell was just trying to get through the grocery store

Bell said it all in the caption for her Instagram story : "I am currently walking through the grocery store being assaulted by a toddler with stickers and not a single person is calling the police." The truth is sometimes you just have to get some milk or eggs—and if that means allowing your kids to plaster you with stickers so they stay close by, so be it.

2. Chrissy Teigen offers an expert mom bun tutorial



​As a new mom of two, the super model has mastered the art of the mom bun—featuring the fancy tools of shampoo, a towel and a rubber band. Raise your hand if you've come close to replicating this look after a morning of playing with toddlers! 🙋

3. Jessie James Decker gets real about the full-time job of feeding a newborn



The mama of three recently posed a question that just about every new parent has asked themselves: "Is it possible for a baby to want to be on the boob 23 hours a day?" Whether it's "the boob" or a bottle, it's true that feeding a newborn can feel like a full-time job .

4. Jessica Alba takes a mid-Target run break

Even though feeding a newborn is a round-the-clock job, sometimes a mama's just got to get out of the house. Enter Alba's relatable selfie from a dressing room at Target —also featuring a shout-out to her "tired eyes." Been there, mama.

5. Olivia Wilde on the struggle of traveling with a toddler



When you have kids, packing for a trip can sometimes take just as long as the trip itself. And that's not to mention the stress that goes into mentally preparing for the traveling. Wilde, a mom of two, has been there—and her hack is to have a suitcase "mostly full of bribes."

6. Alyssa Milano does what it takes to get her kids to nap



Sometimes little ones don't know what's best for them. For example, everyone is happier in the long run if they'll just take a nap. That can mean mama's gotta sacrifice her own comfort, like in the case of Milano. (Although there's no denying how sweet those moments also are.)

7. Hilary Duff on surviving Lego Land



Lego Land, running with the bulls... Is there much of a difference? Duff made it out "tired," but alive. 👏

8. Nicole Phelps on how a mama's never 'off the clock'



Even when celebrity mamas are dressed up and out on the town, they are still mamas like the rest of us—and that can mean pumping on the go, like Phelps recently did . "We should be able to, without judgment nurse/pump (easier with a wireless pump) anywhere we're comfortable... bc we all know you're not going to "let down" if you're not relaxed!!"

As aspirational as celebrities' glamorous pictures are, we have to say that these motherhood moments are our favorites of all. Thanks, mamas—here's to another year of relatable selfies!