Chrissy Teigen is officially a mom of two! In typical Teigen style, she made the announcement on Twitter.

“Somebody’s herrrrrrre!” she tweeted (along with some strategic emojis to let us know exactly which somebody she’s talking about).

We were thrilled for Teigen and her husband John Legend when they announced they were expecting again by posting a video of their adorable toddler Luna pointing at Teigen’s belly and saying “baby!”

We’re even more thrilled for them now that baby (a boy, by the way, they announced that back in January) is here.

Teigen has been very open about how she experienced postpartum depression after giving birth to Luna, like 1 in 5 new moms, but she’s vowed to be ready to fight it if it comes back this time. And it’s pretty clear Legend and the rest of her support system are right there for her. Teigen’s also been honest about her fertility struggles, and noted that even though this pregnancy is the result of a lot of effort and time invested in the IVF process, she still didn’t feel completely “ready” when she learned she was going to be a mom of two.

“You know, we did IVF and it’s kind of crazy because even though you do all this planning and preparation, you take progesterone and inject your body and do all this stuff—and when I finally did get pregnant I was like, ‘Oh crap, are we ready?'” Teigen told The Cut.

Those nerves soon subsided, and by March Teigen was talking about another feeling moms of more than one can relate to: How every pregnancy is different. “I was so nervous for the first six months of Luna, and now I just went in enjoying it. I know he’s good, I can feel him rolling around. Nothing’s a surprise,” she said at the time.

It’s true: Your first experience of motherhood can be totally different than your second. It’s pretty clear that Teigen has learned a lot over the last two years with Luna (like how to grocery shop with a toddler) and she’s so ready for her special somebody’s arrival.

Congrats to Chrissy and John!

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