Rap star, single mama, about to give birth then go on tour… WTF?! Cardi B just announced her pregnancy and already — she is rocking it. Plus, apparently there’s a magic age where you can have a baby and keep the gender pay gap to a minimum. Maybe Cardi B read the story?? It’s all in our Weekly Links. Check it out!

  1. After weeks of dodging rumors, Cardi B announced her pregnancy in the coolest way ever: live on SNL. Pretty epic. But if you’re like me and you’re all, “who’s Cardi B?”, here’s some even more exciting celebrity baby news. Rachel McAdams totally Kylie Jenner-ed us — she had a baby without anyone ever finding out she was pregnant. Meanwhile, I’m over here with an 18-week bump I can’t hide under my sweatshirt.
  2. And speaking of being pregnant, maybe it’s the hormones or maybe it’s just the fact that Mr. Rogers was an actual angel, but if you’re in the mood for a good tear jerker, look no further than this story about his visit to one of his television neighbors in the hospital. With the Mr. Rogers documentary coming out this summer we are loving all the first hand stories of just how incredible he was.
  3. PTA Schedule have you feeling a little less than incredible? It’s hard for working moms to run the world — and volunteer at the school library. There just aren’t enough hours. That’s why we’re loving this piece that encourages gender equality in PTA volunteering (where are all the emails encouraging dads to bring snacks??). It even highlights some schools that incentivize male involvement. Bravo!
  4. And check this out. Apparently there’s a magic window of time where moms can have a baby and minimize the gender earnings gap. Music to our ears.
  5. PS: one of our favorite and most hip kiddo clothing companies has an awesome new collab coming out. Nununu partnered with Israeli artist Shay Id Alony for an edgy collection that’ll have your little one looking fly this spring.