Pals Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence posed for a photo during the Women's March in NYC over the weekend—one of over 650 of marches for reproductive rights held across the country. In the photo, we get the first (non-paparazzi) glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence, the glowing mama-to-be.

Last month it was confirmed that Lawrence is expecting her first child with husband Cooke Maroney, who have been married since 2019. Though Lawrence is super off-the-grid—as in no social media, not a lot of public appearances—she posed with her friend Schumer for an Instagram photo at the march.

And her little baby bump is honestly SO cute.

"I don't have a uterus and she is pregnant but we out here," Schumer captioned the photo. (Oh, and if you're wondering, J Law's impossibly stylish 90-inspired frock is from Hatch and currently on sale for 20% off! Snag one for yourself here.)

The march was held nationwide in support of abortion rights after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a new law that bans nearly all abortions in the state last month. The bill means abortions can be banned as early as the six-week mark—which is so early, many women may not even know they're pregnant yet. The bill has faced major opposition during the past few weeks and is currently under consideration within the U.S. Supreme Court.

Schumer, who has always been a proponent of women's reproductive rights, shared that she underwent surgery to remove both her uterus and her appendix as a result of severe endometriosis in September. She says her experience with endometriosis pain for most of her life has inspired her to continue to use her platform to shout about it from the rooftops in order to inspire and help other women.

"Let me just tell you, my pain is real," she says. "Your pain is real. We have to advocate for ourselves, we have to speak up. And, you know what? I'm worried this video is annoying, but I don't care, because I hope that it helps one woman go and find out why she's in so much pain."

In the photo, Schumer's sign reads, "Abortion is essential," while JLaw's says, "Women can't be free if they don't control their bodies."

"Over 120,000 people are set to join us at over 650 rallies nationwide tomorrow, fighting for abortion justice," Women's March executive director Rachel O'Leary Carmona tweeted on Friday. "This is how we send a message. Lawmakers, don't you dare take away our reproductive freedom."