New moms are faced with constant pressure about all kinds of things, the most maddening of which is the scrutiny to change or “fix” their postpartum bodies. Ireland Baldwin is opening up about said pressure, sharing that she’s “over the hump and finally finding time to get this ass into shape” nine months after welcoming daughter Holland in May 2023.

Baldwin shared a series of silly selfies in her bra and underwear on Instagram, writing in her caption that she’s “9 months postpartum and I’m far from where I want to be but I’m over the hump and finally finding time to get this ass into shape.”

“Not necessarily working out everyday, but making strides to be more consistent,” she continued. “Walk more. Move more. Just wanted to do a solidarity post with anyone who’s having a tough time getting inspired to change bad habits/work on yourself. I still have days where I binge eat an entire box of Girl Scout cookies for dinner but that’s ok! It took 7-9 months to even start to lose any baby weight or care to… and anyone who makes you feel bad for going at your own pace or not being enough can suck it. This shit is HARD. Be kind to yourself.”

While her message will no doubt ring true for anyone who has welcomed a baby, it is worth pointing out that even if you don’t or can’t work out, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. We all have different resources and demands on our time, as well as circumstances that might make it difficult or impossible to focus on a fitness regime. But to Baldwin’s point, being kind to yourself and being gentle with your heart is always something to strive towards, especially after you’ve brought literal life into this world.

Baldwin welcomed baby Holland with her partner, André Allen Anjos (a musician who goes by RAC). She has been consistently candid with Instagram followers about her pregnancy and postpartum experiences, a refreshing change from the ultra-filtered, picture-perfect content we typically see when scrolling our social media feeds. So anytime we get someone keeping it super real about eating Girl Scout cookies for dinner, we say bravo, and more of this, please!