If Jimmy Kimmel’s show ever gets canceled, the late-night host could easily transition to an early morning career as a pancake artist.

The father of two has been showing off his griddle skills on social media and these cakes are definitely something to behold.

Kimmel’s 3-year-old daughter, Jane, is the beneficiary of these colourful carb creations, and she seems to be a big fan of Kimmel’s (very extra) breakfast style. Her dad has whipped up everything from Sesame Street characters to barnyard animals and Jane seems to be eating it up.

Happy Oscar Sunday! #pancakes

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Happy #ValentinesDay! ❤️ #cupid #pancakes

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Today’s pancake: Bacon!

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As you can see, we are very excited about Cars 3

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Thomas pancakes are even better than their English muffins

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Kimmel’s instagram proves pancake art is a skill that takes some practice. If you scroll through his Insta you’ll notice some of the early cakes aren’t as precise as his Oscar morning Oscar the grouch. His Dory pancakes were pretty on point, though.

Jane is a fan of Kimmel’s edible art, but it seems like Kimmel might be a fan of Dancakes, a popular pancake art Instagram account. Just a couple weeks after Dancakes whipped up a griddle Dory, Kimmel did the same (in honor of Ellen, of course).

If you want to follow Kimmel’s lead and create pancakes that are almost too cute to eat, Dancakes is a great follow. The how-to videos prove that pancake art is tricky, but so cool.

After seeing so many beautiful pancakes I’m tempted to try out my son’s favorite characters, but with my total lack of both artistic and culinary skills I’d probably burn the whole thing, so we’re sticking to frozen waffles in my house (sorry, kiddo).

I’m glad to know I’m not the only mom who’s not serving up art for breakfast. Jimmy Kimmel’s own wife, writer Molly McNearney noted her thoughts about Kimmel’s cakes for The Washington Post.

McNearney, who writes full time for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, says the cakes created a breakfast expectation she can’t deliver on when Kimmel’s not home. “Being a mother is hard enough. Pancake artist is NOT in the job description. I attempted a smiley face once. I don’t want to talk about it,” she explains.

To moms like McNeary, I raise an Eggo in solidarity. If you’re more artistic than we are though, you might want to DM Kimmel and ask where he gets his organic food coloring. Or just follow Dancakes.

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