Embarrassing your kids just a little bit is kind of a rite of passage for parents, especially when they’re teenagers. But Jerry O’Connell is learning firsthand that even a benign act of parental kindness can make your teens straight-up cringe, and he’s sharing the hilarious car selfie that had his 15-year-old daughter ‘mortified.’

O’Connell—who shares twins Charlie and Dolly with wife Rebecca Romijn—recently took to Instagram to share the funny selfie with his followers. In the shot, he can be seen posing in the driver’s seat with Charlie next to him and a teen boy in the front seat, followed directly behind three other teen boys behind them.

“Picked up daughter at school. Offered ride to a boy. Five piled in. Fun ride. Daughter mortified. I’m growing my hair out,” the TV host joked in the caption, referring to the boys’ identical floppy haircuts.

No word on where the fifth boy went, but the photo made followers laugh, with plenty pointing out the hilarity of the matching haircuts on each of the four kids. “They all share the same barber…. ” wrote one person. “Why do they all have the exact same hair?” asked another. “It looks like the same boy in different versions,” joked yet another.

A mom chimed in with a pretty reasonable explanation for the copy-paste haircut, writing, “Hahaha it’s the ‘hockey hair’ ! My son is 13, plays hockey and lacrosse . His buds all have the hair!”

And even though Charlie might’ve been cringing on the inside, she gamely smiled for the selfie with her dear old dad, so it seems like the ordeal didn’t inflict too much trauma onto her.

The 50-year-old frequently shares adorable family moments with his twins and their mom, and it seems he’s taking the whole “parenting teens” thing in stride. Last November, he opened up about his parenting philosophy on The Talk.

“I have two 14-year-old daughters who are just entering that age of going to parties and maybe staying out a little bit late, and it’s funny,” he said. “It’s a new world for my wife and I. I have one rule, and it’s you can call me anytime. And just let me know where you are, and I’ll come get you. I won’t ask any questions. I don’t want you getting in a car with anybody. I don’t want you getting into trouble. And actually, they called me up last week, it was kinda late and I was there. And some of their friends hopped in, and we went to a burger chain here in Southern California.”

Shame-free parenting with a side of burgers and fries? Sounds pretty great to us, tbh.