There is nothing inherently wrong with selling your child's used clothing. Many moms out there shop secondhand because kids do this thing where they grow two sizes in 10 seconds. But Khloe Kardashian is facing some online backlash for selling her daughter True's used clothing—mostly because of the high prices, but also for selling them for more than what she paid for them.

Let's back up a bit. The Kardashian family has an online "Kloset," where they all sell their secondhand clothes and accessories, typically of the designer variety. The general public can purchase any of these items anytime they're in stock on the site.

Khloe Kardashian recently re-stocked her portion of the Kloset with several items that were worn by her daughter, True. Earlier this week, she shared the link to the items on Twitter. The items range anywhere from $25-$550, and many of them have designer labels like Gucci and Fendi.

One dress by Aristocrat Kids is going for $556, for example.

Other dresses are listed in the $300s, and a pair of Gucci velcro, toddler tennis shoes are listed at $250.

Now, not everything is that expensive. There are several items listed under $100, including a set of Cat and Jack tights—the popular Target brand—for $20. Twitter users were quick to point out that a brand-new set of the same Cat and Jack tights sell for $6.99 at Target (you can even see the original price on Khloe's listing).

It's worth noting that shipping costs for these tights are $14.95, which is likely why the price is so high. But, as Buzzfeed points out, this still means the tights are being sold by Khloé for $5.05—only $1.94 less than the original Target price.

Needless to say, Khloe was called out for both her prices and her decision to sell them rather than donate them to people with kids who are less financially secure.

Others pointed out that Khloe selling these clothes is no different than other people having a garage sale and selling their clothes.

Though Khloe has previously come under fire for selling sample clothes that she didn't pay for, but were instead given to her by designers.

Here's hoping for the best-case scenario: some toddlers out there are going to be looking extra adorable in clothes and shoes they wouldn't normally be able to wear, and maybe Khloe will donate the proceeds to charity. Or maybe she'll directly donate True's clothes in the future.

Either way, Kardashian fans don't miss a trick!