As a parent, there are few things more precious than sleep—and so much of how much you get depends on how much the littlest ones in the household are getting. That’s why hundreds of books have been written on the subject of getting your baby to sleep well.

But despite all the suggestions and advice from experts, when it comes down to it, each family has to make the decisions that are right for them. In a new post, Kourtney Kardashian says that meant three different sleep approaches for her three different children.

“When I had Mason, co-sleeping just kind of happened naturally. It’s what worked for all of us to get the most sleep, so I quickly embraced it,” Kardashian says of her oldest, 8-year-old Mason. “But it was also really important to me to research the benefits and some of the criticisms when it came to this method. I also used certain things like the DockATot, which gave me more peace of mind.”

By the time daughter Penelope was born three years later, Kardashian was more intentional about their sleep set-up with guidance from The Attachment Parenting Book.

“With co-sleeping, I didn’t have to get up out of bed to get the kids back to sleep whenever they woke during the night,” Kardashian says, explaining Mason was still sleeping in the family bed at that time. “It was easier when one of the kids woke up, since I was right there. Co-sleeping just ended up feeling like we all got more sleep.”

For her, another perk of co-sleeping was the way it allowed her to connect with her kids. She explains, “As a working mom, if I didn’t have much time with the kids during the day, at least I knew we’d have the evening together as a family.”

Even though co-sleeping worked well for her and her first two kids, Kardashian says it wasn’t such a hit with her youngest son—so she again went with the flow.

“Reign was the only one who has always slept in his own bed. We didn’t use any sleep-training methods for him. By 2½, he started sleeping through the whole night without waking up,” Kardashian says. “Before, he would wake up a few times during the night and need a little back rub to get back to sleep. Sometimes he would fall back to sleep on his own too, so I really just felt things out as a mom.”

At the end of the day (or night), that’s what much of parenting is about: Making the decisions that feel right for your family, your children and yourself. And then recalibrating when inevitable changes come about.

As Kardashian concludes, “Every kid is different, so if it works for you and your family, that’s the most important thing!”