I remember coming home from my baby shower so grateful for the gifts we received—and slightly terrified by the prospect of assembling all the bouncers, swings and strollers. Because while the products themselves are getting pretty close to perfection, the instruction manuals on how to put them together still leave a lot to be desired.
It seems Serena Williams is right there with me: In a tweet this week, the new mom said learning how to use the stroller for daughter Alexis Olympia may very well be one of the hardest tasks she’s ever attempted. And coming from Williams, that sure is saying something! As Williams said:
“I’ve conquered a lot of things... blood clots in my lungs- twice... knee and foot surgeries... winning grand slams being down match point... to name just a FEW but I found out by far the hardest is figuring out a stroller!”
Based on Twitter responses, it seems other people have had similar struggles—a few dozen times over:
Of course, Williams never met a challenge she couldn’t handle. In a photo posted a few days before, both she and Olympia seemed to be mighty pleased with their Mothercare Orb All-Terrain Pram and Pushchair.

Rolling into the weekend like

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Now that I have two kids and experience with at least five strollers, I know that they get easier to manage with each use. Before long, she’ll be right there with me: Flipping up the stroller with one hand, holding the baby in the other and not thinking twice about it. ?