Oh, baby. Shawn Johnson East certainly has a growing boy — on her Instagram story recently, she addressed questions from fans in response to a passing comment she had made about her two-year-old son, Jett James, weighing 48 pounds.

“A lot of these questions, yes. I’m serious,” she said, laughing. “He’s just very dense and tall, but yes, he’s 48 lbs. And he wears a size 12 shoe. I’m not kidding.”

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In later stories, she opened up more about Jett and his size, saying that she and her husband, Andrew East, don’t think much about it, and even though they’re both former professional athletes, they believe in letting their kids choose their own paths.

“I always love these questions because Andrew and I actually did an entire podcast about kids and sports,” she said, adding that the podcast will be released in the coming weeks.


“But just because a kid is built a certain way does not mean they’re destined to do a specific thing,” she continued. “I don’t know what Jett is going to do. But just because he’s built like a linebacker means nothing. He might be a pianist, scientist, mathematician, or whatever. It’s just our job to help him find what he loves, so who knows? He might just be the biggest jock you’ve ever seen.”

Amen to that. Jett can do whatever he wants! It’s awesome to see parents supporting him on his own journey of self-discovery, rather than hoping for their kids to follow the same path they did.

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In addition to two-year-old Jett, Shawn and Andrew are also parents to four-year-old Drew Hazel, and they’re expecting their third baby any day now. In past interviews, Shawn has opened up about how Drew enjoys gymnastics because she sees the gym as a “giant padded playground for a kid.”
However, “I’m as far from wanting her to be a gymnast as humanly possible,” she told People magazine earlier this year. “I just want her to fall in love with something and I’ll be her biggest cheerleader, no matter what it is.”